Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 Latest Braid Hair Style

This year, braid style back into the choice of celebrities on the red carpet. Diane Kruger, Emily Blunt, Kate Hudson, Kate Bosworth, Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, and Sienna Miller, are some of the celebrities who flaunt this braid style. There are three braid styles that seem to be their favorite. For those of you with short hair and was curious to try this style, hair extensions into the solution.

French braid
French braid style adopted schoolgirl braids. Braid style is fairly basic model, so if you want to explore other braid styles are more complex, first mastered this French braid style.

Barbara McMillan teaches stylists how. Start with the hair on the front, and then separated into three small sections. Then start doing webbing create a standard braid pattern. Do not be too care about neatness, which is important braid pattern arises. If you're still confused by the way, you can find tutorials on YouTube, he said.

Braid round the side
How to make a french braid braid same, only its position near the ear and made a circular shape. Because of its position behind the ear, you need to rely on the hair at the bottom than at the top like the French braid.

Fishtail braid
Create a fishtail braid styles require a lot of practice because it is more complicated. Take all the hair to one side, for example to the side of the ear, then separate them into two large pigtails. Then take the fine hair from the back near the neck and fold forward toward the first top-knot, hold with your fingers. Then take another fine hair from the back near the neck, fold forward into the second top-knot. Do it this way continuously until the second covered the top-knot braid earlier.