Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Big Waves Hair Style Trends 2011

For the past several years, straight and sleek hair style is so popular. But for 2011, hairstyle soft and dry with great wave model re-introduced.

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen and Hollywood actress Kate Hudson is a fan of this hair style, as well as Brits Holly Willoughby and Kelly Brook. This is the style hairdo which gives the impression of girly and glamorous, as well as a reference trend for summer. Not surprisingly, women also choose a hairstyle like this for everyday.

Joel Silverman, creative director Daniel Galvin, said, "I have seen the trend of the number of requests that want a blow-dray model of large size, which hairstyle is preferred supermodel Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington."

In 2011, a wave model with curly hair more loose, so the hair on your appearance too impressed mess. Ideally, the model is suitable for hair like hair past her shoulders. But you also can try with a shorter hair style, but must avoid 'moshroom effect' that could reduce the effect of volume.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Four hair style that would become the trend in 2011

End of year there would be a lot of parties for you to go. To be different, it could not hurt to change your hair style. Before styling your hair for a festive new year, know the four hairstyles that will be a trend in 2011.

1. Short and straight

Short and straight hair
Style short hair and straight hair like Olivia Palermo model is very simple. With pieces of the layer is firm and long shoulder-length hair, you can easily arrange. Only by making the hair look healthy and glowing.

2. 'mess' with the natural impression

Hair style this one is likely to classical. You also do not have complicated hair. Simply spray and vise tool to form the impression of waves. To get an impression of nature, good hair with your hands and give the impression of 'messy'.

3. Bun down

Bun hair down
If you wish to attend the official events and you want to appear neat, Kim Kardashian hair styles like this could be an option. With bangs that fell with her hair piled up, will show the skin of the neck and became more sexy appearance.

4. Horse tail bottom

Horse tail hair bottom
Simple but classy. For this ponytail hairstyle really does not matter if your hair is curly or straight. Suitable for formal or casual party atmosphere

Friday, December 24, 2010

How to set the style of Justin Bieber's Hair Style

If you wish to order your hair such as hair style Justin Bieber, you must ensure that having long straight hair. If your hair wavy or curly, you may have to spend to straighten it first. After that, your hair color with a brown color like Justin Bieber. Comb the bangs forward and follow sidesweep display. Justin wore his hair from left to right. To complete the disguise it, add a hat and make sure that rotate to the right as well. Do not forget to always tossed her hair like Justin Bieber

Thursday, December 23, 2010

2011 Short Hairstyle Trend for Lady

Short hair style, it still survived in 2011. Short hair can look more modern with the new arrangement. Make the ends of the hair looks more pointed and focused on one side. Your appearance may be more young and chic.

Make short hair in a bob a bit bumpy in the back is also one way to update the appearance. This is done Victoria Beckham to make his new look. This short haircut, suitable for your face oval or tapered.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Taylor Swift Hair Straight bangs at AMA 2010

The appeal of Taylor Swift was not only a beautiful voice and his face. Apparently, many people agree that the Swift entitled to an award as a woman who has the sexiest hair in the world.

Swift won the award for based on poll results which held the Victoria's Secret. Lingerie giant company is successfully classify the winners of 16 categories based on the owner of the body and sexiest styles.

And now, at the prestigious American Music Awards 2010 have just held, the happy virgin hippie style is shocking the public with an unusual hairstyle.

Taylor is known to be fond of homemade headband wearing this, do have very thick curly hair. No wonder if not organized properly, his hair is a problem in the overall appearance. However, Taylor was well aware that he is a public figure. Because of that he always wanted to show the style of dress best.

Country singer Uncle Sam's country looks so beautiful with flowing hair straight. When he appeared ala usually teenagers, this time Taylor look elegant in a gorgeous black gown shimmering. To make up, Taylor is also savvy makeup to look natural. He only focuses on the areas of eye makeup, so that his eyes looked more sharp and dramatic like a cat's eye.

Well, for those of you who want to imitate the straight hair style bangs star Valentine's Day (2010), the manner of Style Bistro can you copy the following:

1. Dry the hair with a hair dryer until just slightly damp, so you do not have to worry about hair straightening afterwards.

2. Serum smeared as a moisture lock of hair, although the center is given the pressure of hot air.

3. Divide hair into sections, then start drying from the tip of the hair using a round bristle brush comb. Take sections of hair and pull it toward the bottom. Thereafter, end by adding a moisturizer for the hair look more smooth and shining.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Curly Hair Style Trend

Curly hair that is what happened behind this and many people who glanced at this Cleopatra-style hairdo. Many who think old impressed curly hair, but make no mistake about it even looks sexy and unique and fresh look. If you have thick curly hair and you do not be sad but you are very lucky because the hair types are very popular. Basically the same curly hair with straight hair who always could and in accordance with various opportunities, but it all depends on creativity. These are some hairstyles that can be made, namely:

This model of spiral curly hair short hair owner of this requires more courage to be performed with a haircut like this. But this haircut look more fresh.

WAVE Entrance.
This model is perfect for those of you who have not dared try pure curls, this model can give a new look that is loose and curly asymmetrical cutouts on both the front end of the hair.

This force applies a sweetened with pure curly bangs the asymmetric model.

This model is for those of you who spirited romantic, this curly hair in a feminine style with a big roll model and a long bumpy.

Diagonal FACENT.
This is a model with curly hair gets cut diagonally and tapered front, this is perfect bagia you who dared to be different.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Symmetrical Bob Hair Cuts Will Be Trends in the Year 2011

Bob pieces that become a trend this year will again be the trend next year. The difference, according to Gianluca, haircuts 2011 less play in asymmetrical cuts with bangs limited to the eye. "Straight or wavy hair did not matter, the important hair has a soft texture," says Gianluca.

Bob own pieces became popular in 1920. This hairstyle became a symbol of the freedom of women to the tradition at that time women who wear clothes with long versatile Edwardian-style hairdo. These hair styles began to dim in 1930.

In 1960, hair styles bob back a trend. Famous hairdresser Vidal Sassoon popularized this style. Since then, discount bob turns leading the trend. Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Victoria Beckham is a celebrity who became a trendsetter this hairstyle.

According Shierly Nangoy, General Manager Makarizo, bob cut that to be the trend next year to have more detail variations. "Like a bob with layers, asymmetric clipping, or given the depletion," he said.

According to Gianluca, bob hair cut technique is just one piece only. Indeed, this technique is not easy. It takes skill to cut precisely with a single piece.

Though adept at using this technique, Gianluca expertise lies in coloring. "The color of brown and red like Mahogany with a little texture violet mix will be the trend next year," said the man born in Pescara, 37 years ago this.

Shierly agree. "In 2011, hair color trends still dianungi by the colors of the earth. Like the brown, red, black," said Shierly. According Shierly, there will be two color poles. "Those who tend to be more calm will choose the color of brown, black. While they are more fun, they will choose bold colors like red and copper, "said Shierly.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Long Ponytail Hair Style for ladies

Model of thick hair and straight bangs are "in" again, and much in demand by young female teens. Model and the thick straight bangs will make its user really need much to be different without making changes to the hair.

Hair model is also able to give the impression at once innocent and sophisticated. In terms of technique hairdo, thick straight bangs are better able to make many variations. For example, allowed to fall straight, styled or combed straight to the edge of the canopy so that it can lead to the impression of a somewhat curly hair.

Although this hair style ever muncel a few years ago, but the longer warm today still have differences and renewal. Style pieces can make the wearer look more modern. Made and long bangs.

If you want to try this hairstyle. The following steps may be used as reference:

1. Ask your hairdresser to cut bangs in the circumstances of dry hair, so there is definitely a long look with bangs are (in general, wet hair will look longer than when dry)

2. To setup, use the straightening cream and blow dry so straight. But not too much curled bangs into because it will make the bangs seem rounded.

3. This style is perfect for those long-faced and thin, they are also a wide forehead. In order for this face look more balanced, try asking your hairdresser to cut bangs with tip curved like the letter U

4. Style thick, straight bangs are inconsistent with small face and narrow. If you have a face like that and want to wear this style of bangs, ask your hairdresser to cut bangs with a straight edge without arch.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bob Hair Style Tips for finding a match with the face

Bob haircut is now a trend again! Because of demand, some women did not even notice anymore whether or not a face in accordance with this bob model. Rather than look stylish, looks even less 'value'! Actually, what kind of face shape that fits with this bob hairstyle?.

Long Face Shape
Chin-length bob hair according to your face, ask the hairdresser for the bottom layer of hair given. Leave bangs to offset a long face shape. Avoid straight bob model because this model will make your face look even longer.

Heart Face Shape
Heart face shape is characterized by the pointed chin and jaw firmly. Bob hairstyle that is cut straight match without an accent layer. Avoid bob hairstyle that the sides are too heavy as heavy layers or waves on the right side and left the hair as it will 'eliminate' the dramatic cheekbones.

Oval Face Shape
The oval face shape tends to a balanced and proportionate, so that almost all the pieces of hair can be applied to an oval face. Bob hair style is very suitable for your face. However, avoid using bangs are too many / heavy.

Face Shape Box
The texture of the hair style that is suitable for face shape suggested the box to give effect to soften the rigid jaw shape. You can use the textured bob hair style and dynamic with an accent layer.

Round Face Shape
Round Faces or round face sometimes make your cheeks become visible more chubby and plump. You do not match the length bob hair style on the chin because it will make the face look more round. Make your haircut with long bangs or side bangs that will make the face look longer

Monday, November 15, 2010

Shag Hair Style - Short

This hairstyle looks good and is suitable for everyone, except those with very curly hair type or frizzy. Because your hair cut layers adapted to form the face. And very easily arranged.

How to set up: you have to be made permanent wavy hair, with pieces that "uneven", or pointy edges. Layers should remain on the back and front.

How to treat: because of the cut layers, hence this model's hair will still be good at long hair has begun. But to still look good, hair should be cut every 6 weeks to 8 wee

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tips on hairstyle

There are many tips in my hair
First is the choice of hair length will be selected, short, medium or long?

The following considerations would you prefer long hair:
1. Want to look younger
2. Want a practical, long hair combed just parsed and already looks neat, without the need to use a gel, jelly, etc. as if you select short hair
3. Hard face shape, can be softened with the long hair, or shapes the lips, nose, big eyes.
4. Your hair is fine, dense, and well groomed.

Short hair, if:
1. Want to quickly dry hair after shampooing.
2. Dare in styling hair, want to use the gel, etc.
3. Shape the nose, mouth or eyes petite
4. Do not want to bother combing your hair
5. More suitable for a distinguished heart face shape

Medium Hair, if:
1. Tired of short hair and medium hair lengthening
2. Do not want to bother my hair and comb
3. Hair is easily managed, because the hair is prone to bending out

Broken or tied up hair?

Bound / ponytail when:
1. Limp hair and not shampooing
2. Being tired, with lift and ponytail, looked a little fresh

1. Hair after shampooing
2. Want to wear hair accessories like clips, headbands, etc.
3. Fresh Face

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spiky hairstyle becomes a new trend for men

Today not only women who want to look attractive, the men did not want to lose. Beauty salons and salon for men were competing to offer various forms and models for their hair. Currently Spiky hair trend of the most desirable men.

In the past men tended to run to the trend of long hair straightened and with a Mohawk hair style thin models on the outskirts of the head, but now the trend again turned to Spiky hair style. Spiky hair style is a hair style with short pieces, but the length between the front with the rear is not the same. Hair style like this, used to be very trendy in the land of Uncle Sam and is offered by beauty salons and salon for men that is often called the barbershop.

Neo Spiky haircut with highlights produce slightly more macho appearance. Spiky style for men is not going after the trend anytime. By coloring in a more casual style, will feature an interesting model Spiky hair.

Hair style typical of young people now with full cutting techniques and coloring terturizing, became one of the latest hair style trends inspired by the typical forms of hair style today.

Especially for men remained Spiky hairstyle trends until whenever. "Spiky hair style will never disappear from the world of hair style trends,".

With the latest cutting-staining and staining technique on the basis of thin highlights in the area Spiky hair style makes it look more casual.

Friday, November 5, 2010

David Beckham's hairstyle trends

Male celebrities like David Beckham has a unique style. For example, his hair style. David Beckham is not only famous in the world of sports only. As a model, the husband of Victoria Beckham was also very existence. British footballer's appearance was the main attraction.

The most prominent of the father of three boy's style is his haircut. Beckham haircuts even been a world trend. At the beginning of its appearance, Beckham looks sweet with divisive haircut middle. His face now looks like a cute teenager.

Beckham has ever lengthen hair. Besides ponytail, she also looks more cool with the braid her long hair. The man who started his career with Manchester United's team also had to cut her hair bald. So as not to appear casual, he added the pattern of skin above his ear.

The most phenomenal hair style is your hair style with a crest. In addition to his good looks, his hair style was also attended by almost all men in the world.

Cutting hair with such extreme cuts like a child Mohawk punk, or just change the hair color dare try.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Unique Hair Style Lady Gaga

Not Lady Gaga name if not able to make the public were stunned by his appearance. This time the singer Lady Gaga blond hairstyle is created with 'amazing'. Lady Gaga again experimented with his appearance at the time of attending the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA, January 7, 2009. After successfully popularized the hairstyle with ribbon shape, now he is back playing with her hair. This time its shape resembles a wide hat.

At first glance when seen, it looks like a large heat retaining cap. However, if more careful, 'cap' on the head women's blonde hair is arranged in such a way. Lady Gaga make rigid and made her long hair around his head like a big hat. In the middle, the hair bun that resembles a head cap. The Poker Face it combines those quirky hair style with a plain black tulle dress, and round black glasses a la John Lennon.

Monday, November 1, 2010

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Mohawk Rihanna Latest Hair Style

Rihanna alter his appearance by cutting back style short hair style Mohawk. With recent appearances, this will be a trendsetter who inspires his fans. At present he looks to create sensations of incredible success of the new haircut. As is known singer from Barbados is always selectively choose to cut hair fashions that fit and fit with his character. For the first time, Rihanna haircut newest exhibit in Manhattan, a few days ago. At that time, Riri, her nickname, look trendy with hair combed up and leaving hair underneath as high as 2 centimeters. Riri appearance equipped with sunglasses, rings, earrings and looks very unusual. In fact, he appeared confident as he walked in front of his fans and paparazzi who want to spotlight the camera to capture the moment.

Rihanna coiffure is always changing. Not only just to freshen the appearance, but there is a piece of the story behind the Rihanna haircut. In 2003, Rihanna performed with long wavy hair. In the midst of her success, she suddenly changed her hairdo with short bob model.

Rihanna coiffure is always changing. Not only just to freshen the appearance, but there is a piece of the story behind the Rihanna haircut. In 2003, Rihanna performed with long wavy hair. In the midst of her success, she suddenly changed her hairdo with short bob model.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Modern Updo Hair Neutrality

Not many people know the term updo. It may also bun. But if the bun, it would all nod knowingly. Yes, updo or bun is nothing but the language of separation in order updo is not identified with conventional bun. The reason this one is not the type of bun that traditionally rigid and bloated version of it. Updo born without a grip. His model is the result of improvisation techniques. Using minimal equipment. The execution of the practical and intended for those who want stylish semiformal but still beautiful. This trend re-sticking in the event of New York Fashion Week 2010 which was held in February last. Two designers Badgley Mischka and Monique Lhuillier let the model look updo when demonstrating their collections. Like what updo model on display that? Nelson Vercher, the stylish hair from the Rita Hazan gave the nickname of his work that updo futuristic. It looked like a vertical roller at the back of the head.

The Rita Hazan salon is located on Fifth Avenue, New York, which is the regular partner of New York Fashion Week. This salon is also a favorite place of celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Carmen Electra, Brooke Shields, Oprah Winfrey to do her hair. Back to updo, another characteristic of this Vercher's work is the maximum neatness hairdo. Unlike other updo that often leave no branches around the bun.

«Lift and Roll hair upward until the neck sticking out. As a result, the face looked gaunt and not stretchy. »

Vercher also do not want to overdo the accent bun add it. Just twist a focused and moving from the crown until the middle of the back of the head. What makes a futuristic impression of this style is the model's hair color golden brown glow. Yes, Vercher did choose models that have colored hair (non black) to reinforce his theme that accent. In addition, Vercher also introduced the modernization of Japanese-style bun geisha. In his hands, bun geisha a bloated like sprouts that, pressed down until fistful hand. Although, the geisha's updo, Vercher still maintaining a large curve at the front hair. The difference is the presence of bangs as a sweetener accent on the front.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Mohawk Hairstyle trend

Mohawk hair style (Which comes from the name of the tribe of Native North Americans who inhabit the Mohawk valley) is known as the hair style punk.Biasanya both sides of the head shaved and be left in the middle of the head. Until now Mohawk children still associated with the style of punk, but still a part of mainstream. Mohawk usually accompanied with boots, chains and spikes, leather jackets, tight jeans and shabby clothes, who is also synonymous with punk.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Emo Hairstyle blend of style and shagy spike

The term Emo is not just stuck in the music world but it comes to hair styles. The term cool Emo hairstyle, hairstyles straight hair with a pointed tip that can be cleaved edge or standing. Emo hairstyle is already a trend in the era of the 80s, with models that combine style and shagy spike.

Hair style is back again accompany the flow of emo music trend that many performed by the band today. With long hair next to (Bangs brushed) on one side, sometimes covering one eye, good hair tends to fall apart (Asymmetrical), with spiked hair on the back.

When talking about proper Emo Hairstyles for boys and girls is actually not much different, often fixed hairstyle with black color that can also be decorated by brightly colored plumes. For about the business of hair color, styles for Emo Boys tend to be much to choose jet black color. While the styles for Emo Girls can also with a black color as a primary color with another color added a bit to look bright, there is its own characteristic style of the Emo Boys.

No need to bother coming to the salon all, because to form Emo Hairstyles does not require a professional stylist or beautician. If you could just about the right hair cut can be guaranteed. Then, for those who have wavy or curly hair can be made creations Emo style, which is important between a face with hair fashion must fit and not random. There also needs to have both types of hair, that can be shaped as you wish to use Straightener. Do not forget to add gel to the hair that will be formed to stand straight.

It seems this haircut impressed mess. But that's Emo, action arising from the expression of emotion to express how that happens is up would be important to be different and cool