Monday, January 24, 2011

Five Simple Hair Style to go to the Office

Go to the office does not mean you are not paying attention to hairstyle. If all of a sudden had a presentation in front of clients and your hair will definitely reduce the clutter confidence.

For that to know the five simple hairdo from Antonio Prieto Salon, hairdresser in New York, are like quoted from the Self. Five hairstyle is easy to apply making it suitable for the style to the office.

1. Horse Ponytail
Horse ponytail hairstyle can be applied in all situations. The perfect top-knot should be placed below the crown area, then followed in the line of ear hair tied back. To cover top-knot ties take a few inches of the bottom of the hair, cover the top-knot and fasten with a barrette.

2. Break off a ballerina
To break off hair like a horse hair tassel. You just play it until the cover-shaped top-knot and break off. Use hair clips to organize so as not to fall apart.

3. Braid
The meaning is not a tight braid style and rigid like a child. However, more modern style. Begin to braid hair with not too tight from the section of hair at the base of the neck. This style is also often called Loose Braid.

4. Classic bob
Classic bob never cracked the time-consuming. You look professional with a stylish bob. Keep the pieces a little below the chin to grow just below the shoulder. If you live arranging elongated hair for more texture.

5. Pixie
Short, simple and does not need much regulation. To still get the impression feminine, keep the hair texture and softness.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Modern Short Hair

Short hair is never out of date. In addition to practical and simple look, short hair owner's face looked more fresh, and sweet.

Short haircut does not necessarily mean perfect, neat, and boring. If neat and boring, explain how you did not follow the times.

Because only want to look like fashion-forward at your age. To look more modern, Hello Beautiful gives his presentation.

The first step is, having high confidence and say this haircut fit with your personality.

With short hair, your face will be framed with trim. Cheekbones became more prominent. If you want to look modern, flat, blunt bob is a style that fits. But the model layer, natural wave, and bangs sideways to refine the shape of the face with a large jaw.

As a sweetener, a small barrette or beret is very fitting for hair bob. Hairband or bandanna can also give the impression of chic and sophisticated.

As a finishing touch short hair, a lot of products that can be used such as American Crew Molding Clay & got2b inplay sculpting Paste $ 6, 29,, commonly used Cynthia Bailey.

What is interesting about Redkin's Rewind 06 worth USD19, 99, is this product can work well to damp hair and create strong shapes and versatile style.

Even after it has been applied, Rewind remain moist and flexible, so you can change the style if you choose so. The formula is very mild and will not weigh hair underneath.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

5 Ways to Style Short Hair

May just want to look attractive by changing haircuts. For example, a style with short hair.

But before changing the display style, you must watch carefully the signs and the profit and loss have short hair. So as not to regret it before the hair cut, you need to consider the following points:

Very appropriate when you include the type of practical woman

Short hair requires less setup time compared with long hair. So the styling products you use any of the few. Short hair is perfect for those who tend to notice in terms of practicality.

Benefits for those who like to experiment with color

For you who like changing hair color, then short hair is ideal. Why? due to the frequency of the cut, then the ends of hair damaged by coloring may be lost. So, do not be afraid of style with short hair.

Owners can make the hair thin hair look thick with a layer or trap

Short haircuts with a layer or trap it was a success to help hair look thicker. Naturally when this piece is perfect for those who have thin hair. In addition, thin and brittle hair should also be cut short, this so unencumbered by long hair that will increasingly make it brittle.

Suitable for those who want to look younger

Short hair generally make women look younger and fresh. If you want to try to look more fresh, then there is no harm in trying a short haircut.

Being the center of attention

Since there is no hair covering the face, short-haired women always look more prominent among the other women. It also caused her face visible.

Keep in mind that short hair styles tend to be suitable for all hair types, except for those who have curly hair. For very curly hair, can choose a minimal bob haircut with layers along the chin, for the more easily styled hair. Remember also that the short hair that needs regular maintenance to keep it tidy. This means you must often after finish your hair at least six weeks once. Interested style with short hair?