Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 Latest Braid Hair Style

This year, braid style back into the choice of celebrities on the red carpet. Diane Kruger, Emily Blunt, Kate Hudson, Kate Bosworth, Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, and Sienna Miller, are some of the celebrities who flaunt this braid style. There are three braid styles that seem to be their favorite. For those of you with short hair and was curious to try this style, hair extensions into the solution.

French braid
French braid style adopted schoolgirl braids. Braid style is fairly basic model, so if you want to explore other braid styles are more complex, first mastered this French braid style.

Barbara McMillan teaches stylists how. Start with the hair on the front, and then separated into three small sections. Then start doing webbing create a standard braid pattern. Do not be too care about neatness, which is important braid pattern arises. If you're still confused by the way, you can find tutorials on YouTube, he said.

Braid round the side
How to make a french braid braid same, only its position near the ear and made a circular shape. Because of its position behind the ear, you need to rely on the hair at the bottom than at the top like the French braid.

Fishtail braid
Create a fishtail braid styles require a lot of practice because it is more complicated. Take all the hair to one side, for example to the side of the ear, then separate them into two large pigtails. Then take the fine hair from the back near the neck and fold forward toward the first top-knot, hold with your fingers. Then take another fine hair from the back near the neck, fold forward into the second top-knot. Do it this way continuously until the second covered the top-knot braid earlier.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Julia Roberts Looks Younger With Blonde Hair Style

During this time, Julia Roberts hair sticky with a dark brown color. But not long ago, he was showing off a new hair color that makes her face look more fresh.

Julia showing off her blond hair when attending the premiere of the film Jesus Henry Christ at the Tribeca Film Festival held in New York, Sunday, April 24, 2011, evening local time.

Julia a new hair makes his appearance, looked fresh and young. Apparently, she wanted to prove that blondes do not always synonymous with stupid women. With a cheery smile, Julia posing wearing a black coat with white innards and alloy jeans.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Seven Easy Steps To Come Long Hair

Some women have difficulty in lengthening hair. Not infrequently, how quickly such as 'hair grafting' (hair extensions) of choice. In fact, connecting the roots of the hair can make hair become brittle, causing hair loss problem.

Rather than adding new issues, better use natural ways to quickly make hair long. The following 7 steps are quoted from Carefair sharpshooter.

1. Vitamins: Vitamins are needed throughout the body including hair. If the vitamins that you consume less, then by itself, nutrition received was not enough hair. If received less nutrition, the root of the hair will become brittle. Volume was more thinning hair. This makes it difficult to grow. If necessary, additional multivitamin / mineral supplements to complement your needs. Using a special hair vitamins can also be a good way out.

2. Check the hair tip: Do not forget to check the ends of your hair regularly. Branch and drought at the end of the hair is also one of the causes of difficult long hair. Nothing wrong to cut the ends of your hair 1-2 cm long on a regular basis each month (trimmed). It can also make hair beauty awake.

3. Overcome dandruff: Dandruff is one of the problems commonly experienced. The emergence of dandruff on the scalp will also make the hair brittle and fall out. So if dandruff appears, do not take for granted. Use a special shampoo to overcome them. If the dandruff that appears more severe, you should consult a dermatologist.

4. Make a smooth flow of blood in the scalp: A lack of nutrients in the hair could be due to blood flow in the head which is not smooth. Nursing as creambath (scalp massage) can make blood flow in the head to be smooth. If you did not get to the salon, gave time to wash it longer. Massage your head from the base of the forehead down to the rear. Do not rub too hard.

5. How to comb: How to fix my hair should also be considered. Hair combed the wrong way to create broken and damaged hair. After shampooing, do not comb your hair with a comb brush, because it would make it broken. Choose the fork to comb fingers are rare. Trim back your hair when dry.

6. Keep it clean: Lazy shampoo will make your hair hard long. In the shampoo also contained the necessary nutrients to grow hair. Also, let the dirt stuck to the scalp will make hair damaged. Minimum Wash every other day, for the scalp moisture is maintained.

7. Eliminate stress: Stress that you are experiencing also affect the health of the hair root. Metabolism is messed up because of stress will make hair healthy disrupted. Nothing wrong to relax and unwind for a while. Forget the mind and the burden that you experience. To the salon and doing hair and body care can also be a way out you to overcome the stress disappears. Hair and body more beautiful, your stress is gone.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The charm of Emma Watson Short Hair

When Emma Watson length brown hair cut short last year, while world attention focused on her 20 years of starring Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series. The look on his face unique feminine and smart Hermione-direct-changes become more mature, sexier, and more modern.

Watson later admitted bored with long curly hair that should not be withheld during the 10 years since the film contract. "When the contract runs out, I think it's time (to experiment with hair)," said Watson. And a super short pixie cut that's changed appearance.

Change the appearance can be done by changing the cut and hairdo. Long hair, do not always synonymous with feminine women. And conversely, short hair was always a tomboy. Example Backham Victoria always looks elegant and feminine when long hair or short.

Long hair or short hair can be fixed in accordance with one's personality. "Most importantly, her hair according to face shape and confident," he said.

In the year 2011, the short haircut will be a trend. The character of society is now very practical. Based on the survey, the results showed eight out of ten women want everything fast, quick, efficient and straight to the core problem. And it appears to the various aspects of life including haircuts.

Actually, the short hair trend is not something really new. In the 1980's, short curly hair bobo popularized by Madonna, in this period-style crew cut hair Demi Moore also became a role model. In the era of the 1990s, short hair style of Victoria Beckham's asymmetrical bob become a trend. While in the 2000s, the increasingly popular short hair styles.

Call it the Pink cut his hair dyed pink pixie (as the name implies), there is Rihanna, who cut his hair and was bald asymmetrical carved on one side, pieces of asymmetric bob a la Victoria Beckham is also a choice for elegant impression. Short haircuts are timeless, only variations are more and more.

The difference is that old people tend to copy the exact same hair celebrities, in this year's short hair trends are even more personal. Tailored to the personality and character of each individual. Because of that, he said, the professional salon has its own challenges. "Not only is necessarily cheating celebrities styles but each makes its own trends in accordance with client's character," he said.

Short hair is practical, easy to set up, does not require too much time to care, and strong character. That's why this style tends to exist all the time.